The Coffee City “Exemplary City – Awakening Community” has international stature and contains the passion of Trung Nguyen Legend. With the desire to become the hegemony of coffee. Trung Nguyen Group has created the land of the Central Highlands of Buon Ma Thuot to become the global Coffee Capital, a gathering place for coffee lovers and enthusiasts around the world.
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THE COFFEE CITY was built according to the Green lifestyle – Identity – Prosperity creating special living spaces – Different – Unique never before in Vietnam, focusing on the quality of harmony between people and nature

Trung Nguyen Legend introduces unique and special architectural works of Vietnam. The products have both the distillation of healing architectural quintessence from developed countries and harmony with the familiar architecture in Vietnamese life. Coffee City focuses on developing utility infrastructure, embellishing nature by planting tens of thousands of trees in the project area. With the goal of building a sustainable community, creating an ecological and conscious living space to bring complete health and comprehensive wealth to residents.

Campaign objective: Introduction of Coffee City including: information of the groundbreaking ceremony, the quintessence of healing architecture, scale, visitors, facilities of Coffee City

Design direction: Overview of Café City, the main colors are white, black, and gold, luxurious and sophisticated style

Marketing channel: Planning Page, Community Page, Writing Pr, Event, Youtube
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